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BARE, is a brand inspired in Singapore and it is a Botanical Home Spa Series. Why say so? Continue to read and you will know why!
They are now FINALLY in Malaysia and available at all SASA outlets!

btw, Thanks SASA and Bare Malaysia for the invitation and I got to try these Bare series!

Bare Body Care
#1 Body Wash Series 500ml, RM 42

Bare body care range uses pure natural ingredients and organic botanical to cleans and soothe. The results are elegantly perfumed products that are paraben-free and a treat to enjoy at any time of the day!

Body Care Range comes in two sizes which is 300ml and 500ml as well.

#2 Bare Body Lotion 500ml, RM 42

Whether it is to treat dry skin or to brighten skin, one's will find something that suits the best. This is because Bare body care has incorporated with the 24 hours moisture lock properties, to keep our skin fresh and hydrate all day long! 

It comes in 5 variants which is Peppermint, Green Tea, Bergamot and Geranium, Lemongrass + Ginger and Rosemary. 


Bergamot and Geranium

Green Tea

Lemongrass and Ginger

#3 Bare Body Lotion Miniature Set, RM 29.90

The miniature series only have Rosemary, Perppermint, Begamot and Geranium and Green Tea.

I love the combination of Lemongrass and Green Tea where the smell is so refreshing and soothing, it is not sticky and our skin can absorb real fast.

The usage of essential oil in the Bare products allows me to recreate a spa like experience just within my own home! 
Personalize your own body cocktails, you can mix and match with different scent to bare your own personality! The key feature why I love these products!

Hair Care Range
#3 Bare Hair Care 500ml, RM46

Have you ever wonder why did our hair has loses it lustre, fullness, and smooth texture over time? It can be due to environment stressors and also styling products. 

Bare hair-care targets on the seven common causes of hair woes today which include:
  1. Damage
  2. Frizzy
  3. Weakened Scalp
  4. Dullness
  5. Chemical Treatments
  6. Thin and Dry
  7. Loss Hair
It comes in 7 variants of shampoo and conditioners where different ingredients are used to treat different hair problems. For the best results, it is more recommended to use with accompanying conditioner.
  1. Sweet Almond
  2. Horsetail
  3. Grapefruit
  4. Apple
  5. Stinging Nettle
  6. Birchleaf
  7. Chamomile

My Rating:

Personal Opinion:
-Personally, I'm more favorable towards beauty and skin care products which are Paraben Free, in another word it is a kind of preservative, support for natural ingredients products!
-Loving the feature of Mix and Match, where we can blend the scents that we love together.
-If you always use styling products like me, you may encounter the problem of damaged and frizzy hair, I can now feel my hair is so much softer and smoother after using the Grapefruit flavor!
-The price is reasonable for 500ml products and easily located where it is available for purchase at all SASA stores!

For More Information:

Hope you guys enjoy reading! xoxo
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Monday, October 17, 2016


<512 Studio>

Hello Guys! *wave*
Today I'm going to share my photo-shooting experience with Sizemakeup.com or formerly known as 512 Studio (心。嫁衣)
Sizmakeup.com started their business five years ago during 2011, where their first outlet was at USJ and now they are moved to Kelana Jaya (beside paradigm mall). 

Important- Photographers and makeup artists are all well-trained with years of experience in this field! No worries of anything that you worried about from top to toe! They will come out with the best solution!

Where they not only provide Makeup Service, but also 
  • Wedding Group Sister Shoot
  • Personal Portrait Shoot
  • Family Package
  • Pre-Wedding Shoot
  • Queen Portrait Shoot
  • Actual Day Service

If you follow my Instagram/Snapchat- puisan_33, I actually went for a photo-shooting session with Sizmakeup.com on last week! 
So, my inbox was actually boomed, where some people thought that I'm gonna married soon!

Undeniable, it is a bridal shoot, however, there is only bride no groom! yeah SOLO haha

The moment I step into the studio, beautiful "blink blink" wedding gowns caught my attention! Where I can't keep my eyes out of that! I can't wait to browse for my own gown! There are more than 50 gowns for you to choose!

Start browsing...

Psss..fff! Please don't vomit!don't like this leh! haha
Don't ask me why I choose "long-sleeve-tight-butt-mermaid-tail" wedding gown instead of those with sexy back, shoulder off!
Conclusion is I'm

noo! Actually I ask my Makeup Artist- Ah Ling, which wedding gown is more Korean Style and suitable for me, so she choose a few for me and I pick this!
-End of the story-

Ah Ling (Left) & Ellie Toh (Right)

Credit:Ellie Toh
Osa Lim (Left), the makeup artist, photographer, owner of Sizmakeup/ 512 Studio.  

Important-I would like to clarify one thing, Osa she is very serious when she is doing her job, so you might think that she is not friendly/fierce or hard to communicate but actually it is opposite! 

Shay Yap, the photographer and owner of Sizmakeup/ 512 Studio
She doesn't like people to take photos of her when she is doing her job, so I can only take selfie with her! hehe

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks you- Shay Yap for being so so patience in guiding me how to pose and smile. 

I'm seriously damn stupid in posing and be camera friendly, where some pose you need to hold your breath at the same time smile to the camera! lol 
My whole body was trembling and not able to balance myself! *NO JOKE*
Yet, you still being patience in guiding me! 

Thank You.

#1 Makeup Look 
Closer makeup look, although Korean makeup trend is more towards "nude" makeup, however, for photo shooting slightly smoky makeup will look much better. 

#2 Makeup Look
Besides, Osa told me that you will actually look more energetic and photogenic in-front of the camera but not look sick, also not much Photoshop need to be done. 

 There are a few backdrops & photo-booth for shooting! The decorations and theme change from time-to-time. 

Credit: Ellie Toh
After hours of shooting and posing finally is time to filter and choose photos! So hard to make decision where every photos are so pretty! 
Out of 86 photos I can only choose 10! *OMG*

Preview! One of my favorite photo! Tee-Hee


Feeling so comfortable to wear my own attire! Compared with gown I still prefer casual wear shooting! Lol 
That's all the photos I want to share! The others when you see me please ask me to show you! Want to have some privacy! haha

I actually opt for the "Personal Wedding Photography RM299" which include
  • 8R size photo with frame 1 set
  • 10 pieces soft-copy in cd
  • 1 set White Wedding gown by 512 studio
  • 1 set casual wear by own
  • 1 makeup and hair do provided
  • Indoor Shoot
Last but not least, thanks for inviting me to experience this extra-ordinary photoshooting! You girls are amazing! Keep this up! 


My Rating:
Professionalism: ★★★★★
Environment: ★★★★★
Price: ★★★★★
Location: ★★★★☆

Personal Opinion:
-Strongly suggest and recommend to visit them, if you doesn't know how to pose (pabo aka noobie) like me, no worries of getting scold by the photographer and got tease, they are all professional, attentive and patience. 
-The location is a little bit difficult to find (for me), it is at the same row with KK super-mart but the studio is located at the back (Google/ Waze: type in Sizemakeup.com). 
-They provide ample of time and privacy for their clients, where we can take our time to slowly choose and try the gowns until you satisfy! 
-In between, the photo-shooting time there will be no outsiders around, no disturbance so doesn't need to feel shy!

For More Information:
Sizmakeup.com/ 512 Studio
Block C5, 2nd Floor, Parklane Commercial Hub, Jalan SS7/26, Kelana Jaya (Beside Paradigm Mall, Behind Medical Central)
Email: ModelingArtist@hotmail.com
Wechat/ Whatsapp: 016-4869610/ 016-9717453

Hope you guys enjoy reading! xoxo

Saturday, October 15, 2016


<3G Food Gallery>
3G means Good Taste, Good Food and Good Service.


Always visit C180 but not idea where to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner? 3G Food Gallery is one the restaurant that serves western and asian cuisine. There are a varieties of choices in their menu to fulfill your appetite.

經常到訪C180 卻不知道要去哪裏吃早餐,午餐或晚餐? 3G Food Gallery 就是唯一一閒有提供中西合璧的餐廳了,此外他們家的menu應有經由 鐵定能滿足你的食欲!

The environment in the restaurant is so cozy decorated with simple and nice decorations.

餐廳裏的環境很舒適 簡單的佈置帶出了淡淡的親切感. 

Food & Beverage
Let's begin with the signature dish of 3G Food Gallery- Crispy Deep Fried Luzon Pork Knuckle 


#1 Crispy Deep Fried Luzon Pork Knuckle, RM 48.90 

Signature dish of 3G Food Gallery

Crispy pork knuckle with homemade sauce and Thai chili sauce, it comes in a really big portion where it can be share up to 10 pax and it come in 1.5 kg (standard weight)! Definitely worth to try and eat when it was still hot where you can feel the crunchiness of the pork knuckle!

脆皮炸豬手是3G Food Gallery 的招牌菜肴再配上泰醬和自家製作的醬汁 口感真的非常棒! 而且很大分可以供十個人吃, 每一個豬手都是1.5kg 非常值得嘗試! 外皮香脆 裏頭是嫩嫩的 一定要趁熱吃 口感非常棒!

October Fest!
 Pork Knuckle + 2 Tiger Beer ONLY 
RM 59.90 NETT

#2 Golden Fried Crispy Spring Chicken, RM 18.90 

The meat of the chicken is so tender, the skin of the chicken is so so crispy! Though it looks the same like the ordinary friend chicken out there, but it taste so great with the special sauce!

第二道招牌菜也就是童子雞! 外皮香脆裏頭香嫩! 雖然看起來像一般的炸雞肉可是配上特調的醬料味道十足!

#3 Green Apple, RM 7.90

I ordered a cup of cold-pressed apple juice, where the fruit juice was made with slow-juicer. hence, it has the maximum amount of liquid and full of nutrients and vitamins. 
Pure fruit juice with no additional water or syrup. 

我也就點了一杯青蘋果果汁, 他們家的果汁都是採用slow-juicer製作的所以都含有了豐富的維他命和營養. 果汁都是純天然沒有添加任何的糖分和水哦. 

#4 Signature Wild Mushroom Soup, RM 9.90

Wild mushroom soup is made with 4 types of mushrooms where consists of Shiitake Mushroom, King Oyster Mushroom, Button Mushroom and Abalone Mushroom. The creaminess of the mushroom soup is adequate and you can feel the blended mushroom while you are having it. 

他們家的Mushroom Soup 都是自家製作的並非罐頭湯, 採用Shiitake Mushroom, King Oyster Mushroom, Button Mushroom 和 Abalone Mushroom製造成的. 蘑菇湯的味道適中, 喝多兩口也不會覺得很膩, 還可以感覺到攪碎了的蘑菇在嘴巴裏. 

#5 Pasta Al' Funghi (spicy/ non-spicy), RM 14.90

Pasta Al' Funghi comes in spicy and non-spicy, I personally more favor non-spicy but if you are spicy lover you may opt for the spicy one. Both spicy and non-spicy are superb mouthwatering. 

Pasta Al' Funghi有兩种就是辣和不辣, 我個人比較不喜歡有辣味的, 所以無辣的比較適合我的口味. 可是如果你喜歡吃辣的 可以選擇有辣味的 辣味不會很重 剛剛好.  

#6 Home Made Pork Meat Ball Bolognese, RM 16.90

The pork meat ball is home made without any preservative or coloring, where the taste of the meatball is so juicy and tender. I can't resist to eat more and more!

豬肉丸都是自家做的所以都不含防腐劑或眼色素, 而且口感真的很好 嫩嫩的 又多汁, 吃了會不停的想吃第二粒!

#7 Taiwanese Sha Cha

#8 Chinese Ma La 

#9 Korean Kimchi

#10 Japanese Cheesy Milk

Hot Pot! Normal steamboat only have two type of soup which is spicy or non spicy but 3G Food Gallery have 8 types of soups for you to choose, after you have choose the type of soup you want, then you may now choose for the "side dishes" example seafood, pork slices, vegetables, and chicken.
Hence, the price of the hot-pot is based on the "side dishes" you have choose, you may also add on for more meats or vegetables.

火鍋吖! 小小的一鍋有八种不同的湯任選! 普遍的火鍋都是辣或不辣可是3G Food Gallery 的火鍋有八种不一樣的湯底! 選了湯后就是選擇配料, 配料有海鮮, 豬肉片, 蔬菜 和雞肉! 你還可以選擇要飯, 拉麵, 伊面或者米粉. 
火鍋的價錢呢就是依照選擇的肉類, 如果覺得不夠還可以另外再加蔬菜或者肉哦.

Seafood RM 18, Pork RM 15, Chicken RM 14, Vegetable RM 12

#11 Connie's Special Pork Chop, RM 27.90

If you want to know why the name of this pork chop is name after the name of the lady boss, you may visit them and ask her personally! hehe
The meat is so fresh and succulent where you can feel the tender and juiciness of the meat with the cheese on top, taste so yummy!
Mashed potato is a MUST-EAT, they are homemade which is relatively different with the ordinary one served in other restaurants,

如果你想知道爲什麽這道菜叫作Connie Pork Chop 的你就得親自到訪問老闆娘Connie了! 
豬肉很新鮮都是老闆一家人每天清晨,親自去菜市場採購回來的, 豬肉配上cheese真的超好吃! 
馬鈴薯泥都是自家做的 來到這裡一定要嘗試和外頭的馬鈴薯泥非常不一樣!

#12 Grilled Salmon With Special Home Made Sauce, RM 28.90

Salmon lover look over here! *wave* One of the signature dishes is this Grilled Salmon which is made with special home made sauce. The salmon is so fresh and delicious!

喜歡吃三文魚的你們看這裡! 這是3G Food Gallery 的其中一道特色菜肴就是三文魚配上特調的自家漿料 口感"一級棒"! 三文魚非常新鮮 好吃!

#13 Grilled Chicken Chop, RM 18.90

Chicken chop looks appealing! I know right! The grilled chicken chop come with black pepper sauce, bbq sauce, mushroom sauce and garlic butter sauce for you to choose!

香烤雞排很吸引人對不對? 你可以選擇不同的醬料包括黑胡椒醬, 燒烤醬, 蘑菇醬和蒜米奶油醬. 

#14 Grilled Lamb Shoulder, RM 29.90

#15 Bacon Chicken, RM 20.90

#16 Honey Grilled Pork Chop Burger, RM 19.90 

The meat is so alike with "char xiu"! I thought I was eating a "char xiu" burger, actually this is honey grilled pork chop burger!

第一口咬下去時還以爲自己在吃著叉燒漢堡 其實它是蜂蜜香煎豬扒漢堡哦!

#17 Krap! Krap! Chicken Burger, RM 16.90

Follow by this fried chicken burger, perfect match with the sauce and french fries. The portion is so big, more than enough to fill your stomach!

接下來就是卡拉香炸雞腿漢堡! 是雞腿哦! 分量足以滿足你的食糧! 

Other Information

My Rating:
Environment: ★★★★☆
Food: ★★★★★
Price: ★★★★★
Cleanliness: ★★★★★
Service: ★★★★☆

For More Information:
3G Food Gallery
A-6-G, Jalan C180/1, Dataran C180, Cheras Perdana, Cheras 9 Miles, 43200, Selangor. 
Operation Hour: 
Mon - Fri 
(11:30am - 3:00pm)
(6:00pm- 10:30pm)
Sat - Sun & Public Holiday
(11:30am - 10:30pm)

Hope you guys enjoy reading!xoxo
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